The key to successful self-motivation is in hiring the right type of inner-coach.
In order to help you hire the right type of inner-coach; there are
five inner-coach qualities your should look for prior to hiring. If
you hire an inner-coach who does not have these five qualities, you
are only likely to destroy any self-motivation you presently have.

An inner-coach needs to incorporate the following qualities.

1.) Hire an inner-coach who can help you define your goals. If you do
not know what you want, you will not have any achievement or success
in your life. Also, look for an inner-coach who is interested in
helping you define your goals and not the goals of your parents,
society, or any other person.

2.) Hire an inner-coach who can break down your goal(s) into small
components. If your goal is to start your own business, you will first
need to set a number of smaller goals until your main goal is
achieved. The general rule of thumb to follow is not to set any small
goal that cannot be achieved within two weeks.

Here is a good interview question to ask a candidate you are
considering hiring as your inner-coach. "Is it a good idea to set
small goals that take a month or longer to complete?" A good
inner-coach will tell you that if your small goal takes over a month
to complete, it is not a small goal and it therefore needs to be broke
down into smaller components.

3.) Hire an inner-coach who can help you remove the following words
from your vocabulary: "should," "ought," "must," and "guilt." Why
these words? If the goal you set is something you really want to
achieve, you will not need to tell yourself you "should," "ought," or
"must" do it. People who have achieved self-motivation achieve their
goals because they have passion. Passion is the "emotional-gas" you
have to help you achieve all your smaller goals and eventually your
main goal(s). No passion, no self-motivation.

A good inner-coach also helps you to remove the word "guilt" from your
vocabulary. Why should you not feel guilty about achieving your
passion? Because your passion is your life. Achieving your true
passion is on the same level as breathing, and you don't feel guilt
about using up oxygen do you?

If you think that if you follow your passion you will take too much
time away from your family, it is time to prioritize your priorities.
Let go of less important priorities so you can spend more time with
your family at the same time you achieve your goal(s).

4.) Hire an inner-coach who can help you not listen to the
"nay-sayers," but encourages you to seek out the advice and wisdom
form people who have achieved the goal(s) you are interested in achieving.

5.) Hire an inner coach who does not criticize effort, blame you for
failures, or who encourages you to give up when the going gets tuff. A
good inner-coach will help you to turn failures into learning
experiences. Remember that failure is a perquisite before true success
can be achieved.

Are you interested in hiring an inner-coach? Where can you find a
qualified inner-coach to interview and possibly hire? Is there a
certification board or inner-coach school that you can call to obtain
a list? No, there is no inner-coach university.

The best inner-coach to hire is YOU! You are the best inner-coach you
can hire because who else knows your dream goals better than you do.
Unfortunately, we all have a number of types of inner-coaches within
us, and not all are there to help meeting our dream goal(s).
Therefore, you will need to only listen to the advice of the
inner-coach who can meet the five qualities that I have outlined, and
fire any inner-coach who can't cut-it.