Baca di Kompas Minggu 9 April kemarin tentang Neurotik, sepertinya aku menderita neurotik :(. Kalau benar begitu, maka keluhan-keluhan ku saat ini terjawab sudah. Jadi penasaran tentang penyakit jiwa ini. Iseng-iseng coba beberapa tes online untuk mengecek:

  • The Neurotic Test – How neurotic are you?
    Your score = 45
    You’re not completely neurotic, but you do appear to have a few hang-ups about some funny things. These idiosyncrasies could be old habits you’re finding hard to break, or there may be certain areas of your life that are so important to you that they warrant more concern. Some people, for example, obsess about a pet or about their health but are pretty chilled out otherwise. As long as these quirks are not preventing you from doing things or disturbing your life in any way – or the lives of those close to you – then there is probably no harm in them. They may even be charming! Just don’t let them get a tight grip on you and it should be smooth sailing.
    (Tes yang ini pertanyaan-pertanyaannya aneh).
  • Neuroses Psychology Test
    Your score is 60.
    You are definitely neurotic, but there is still hope for you.
    (Tes yang ini pertanyaan-pertanyaannya lebih bagus).

Hmm, berarti aku memang neurotik. Yah setidaknya masih kadar ringan.

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