Dari Wikipedia tentang istilah “me too“:

The short phrase “me too” became an internet cultural phenomenon during the early and mid 1990s on Usenet, a massive distributed bulletin board system. Typically, the trigger came when one user would post a message to the effect of “Hey guys, know where I can get some porn/warez?” This inevitably lead to multiple follow-up posts by other users consisting simply of “me too”. At times this sort of “information begging” reached ridiculous levels, with dozens of “me too” posts tacked on to a particularly juicy original request. Although not exclusive to them, AOL users were particularly infamous for this sort of post, having gained access to the Usenet network during this period, flooding it with a new population of less net-literate (and probably younger) users. The “me too” phenomenon seems to have largely died out, probably due to the growth of the World Wide Web, search engines and peer to peer networks, which made much more information (including music and software) available and easy to obtain without help.

Even while in popular use, the “me too” post was the object of ridicule by many experienced internet users.

An example ridiculing AOLamers that can still occasionally be found on Usenet goes: <AOL> me too </AOL>.

The above example references HTML tags which are supposed to add to the in-joke as most AOL users (and other newbies) will presumably not know what HTML tags are and how they work, and so will not get the joke.

In the song “It’s All About the Pentiums”, “Weird Al” Yankovic refers to “posting ‘me too’ like some braindead AOLer”.

Orang-orang seperti inilah yang secara sadar atau tidak sering ‘nge-junk’ di berbagai milis 😦