When the last time you do something stupid? Thing that you wish you can take it back? Well, for me just a moment before -_-`. And it’s not the first time for today. Fiuh…

Recently, I’ve done a lot of stupid things. Discussing about stupid theme. Saying stupid words. Writing stupid article (like this one maybe). Doing other stupid things. And of course, the most disturbing one, thinking about something unnecessary, ridiculous and stupid matter. Aah… it’s quit stupid eh? To mention the word ‘stupid’ so many times in a row ^-^.

I know what’s wrong with me, well, err sort of. But I can’t untangle the complicated threads in my mind, yet. Yes threads, not thread. Hmm, I have to stop being such a moaner. Can someone brighten my path, that still under the shade of gloominess?

Oh well, that’s just a spark of life I suppose. The question is how to manage the spark, so it will not turn into an inferno :).

Oh yeah, it’s all about me and myself. Not like my previous post ^-^. I’m sorry about the post. Which post? Figure it out yourself. But if you found similarities with your situation, don’t blame me :p.

Aagh, once again, I’m doing something stupid. Erm … whatever.