Why would someone need to create his/her own clone on the internet? Dunno, but it’s a pretty nice and creative idea from MyCyberTwin. You can create a virtual character that has similar personality with you. Then other people can chat with that character as if they chat with yourself.

To create the character you have to do some personality test and ‘teach’ your twin how you will react to a particular situation or question. Too much hassle? Well, that’s what I think :). Because I don’t see any benefit to it, I decide to let my twin empty headed ^-^. I prefer people talk directly to me, not to my virtual twin :p.

So, what’s the point of this post? Despite all of that, I found something interesting here. The result from the personality test, somehow it’s the most ‘me’ than any other personality test that I’d take. Here is the result:


Personality Description

You would like a meaningful relationship, a partner who can share life’s joys with you and join you on the journey. You would rather not muck around with casual, shallow relationships.

You feel things quite intensely, and don’t like it when people mess you around. Although others may not always guess it, you are richly emotional.

A true altruist, you believe in social justice, and in an individual’s responsibility to the collective. You are compassionate and also treat the environment and animals with care. You have a desire for enlightenment, or personal growth. This is not necessarily religious, but represents a spiritual path in which you develop a meaningful life. You meditate, or would like to meditate, and admire people who have wisdom and a calm and clear way of thinking. You are conscious of the impact of your actions.


So, what do you think?