Howl's Moving Castle PosterSophie’s life change when she encounter Howl by accident. The witch from the waste is chasing him, and Sophie get involve. They manage to escape. But, the witch form the waste then put a curse on Sophie that make her looks like a 90 year old woman, and can’t tell anyone about her curse. So in order to break the spell, she decide to go, to find Howl.

With help from a scarecrow that is being curse too, she find Howl’s moving castle, and get on board. Then Sophie entering Howl’s magical world. A fire demon that moving the castle. The castle’s front door that functioning as a portal to different places. And of course Howl’s secrets, past and curse.


Well, that’s all I can tell about the story without giving to much spoiler. The plot is not this animation strong point anyway, I think. Honestly, I don’t really get the story. But just like others Ghibli’s animation, it’s a beautiful movie. You’ll understand if watch it.

The graphics is a treat for the eyes. Yes, it’s utilizing the power of CG, but, even without it the quality is still high. Colorful, detail and very neat drawings.

When is the last time you let your imagination loose? From the beginning until the end of the movie, you’ll experience some kind of fantasy journey. WHoever wrote this, is very brilliant and creative. I really love the idea about the moving castle and the whole design of Howl’s world. I know my imagination would never reach that point ^-^. So it’s amaze me, quite a lot I say.

A movie nice is not complete without some nice background sounds and soundtracks too, right? They are not grand, but they are fit with the story and it’s emotion.

So, in conclusion, it’s not a great story but IMHO it’s still a wonderful piece of art. Well, another great work from Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli ;).