In ancient times, the land covered in forests where the spirits of the god dwells. That time man and beast can live in harmony. But as the time passed, most the forests are gone, destroyed. The remaining forests were guards by the gigantic beasts.

Prince Ashitaka must leave his village to find the origin of the demon beast that attack the village, and to remove the curse that slowly swallowing him. He got the curse when he fought the beast, Nago, that engulf with hatred to the human. He going to the west, where the demon came from, and where the great forest in which the great spirits of the forest live.

He meet San in the great forest, a girl whom is raised by the wolf god, Moro. San fights to protect the forest. And then there is Lady Eboshi, the leader of the iron town. A quite controversial character. Even she seems like a heartless woman, but she is very respected by her people.

The beasts are restless with the activity of the iron town people. Can man and beast live in harmony again?


Well, if I said that Howl’s Moving Castle is great, then this movie is even better. Mononoke Hime produced in 1997, or 5 years before Howl’s, both produced by Studio Ghibli, but the quality is already quite astonishing. Great drawings, and very beautiful background sceneries.

I like the story as well. Although I think is kind a ‘too heroic’. Ashitaka is too perfect as a hero. Kind, honorable, good at fighting, etc. Well, just like Nausicaa in the Nausicaa of The Valley of the Wind, one of the early works of Studio Ghibli. She is also a princess and a perfect heroine. Well, we talk about fairy tales here, so i think its okay ^-^.