I’ve been blogging since the end of 2005.  At that time, blogging just started to be popular and I’m still clueless about it :). I start blogging by ‘accident’. I found out about LiveJournal from my friend, then I thought that I can make it as some kind of my personal repository. Then, without realizing it, I created my first blog.

LiveJournal is quite convenience,  but there are some limitations. And the UI is too simple and kind a old. After that, I tried some other blogging services like Blogger and Blogsome. And blogging feature from Social Network sites like Friendster, Multipy, and Yahoo!360. None of them lasted for long. Then I found WordPress, and I ditched the others ^-^.

If you look into this blog archive, this is the first post, dated on January 11th, 2006. Which mean it’s 2 years since that post. Although actually it’s not my first post here, I deleted the previous one because of a reason I can’t recall right now, but well, just let it be the official first post :). And of course, the birthday of this blog.

Yesterday, I read one of my old post. From how I wrote that post, I feel that in some way I’ve changed but in some other way didn’t.  Well, that’s normal right?

So, any resolution for this blog? Nothing.

Aah, I almost forgot. I wanna thank you Gigi for making a special song to commemorate this blog birthday, 11 Januari ^-^.  Euh … maybe not.