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Google Treasure Hunt is a contest designed to challenge your problem-solving skills. The first batch contains four puzzles, drawing from computer science, networking, and low-level UNIX trivia. Each puzzle will be posted online week by week. Currently, three puzzles are already been released.

You can access the latest puzzle from the main page. If you missed the previous puzzles, you can still access it too.

These puzzles seems complicated at first, but actually it’s simple. Well if you know how that is :). The first puzzle can be solved by a simple mathematical formula. You can also make a ‘simple’ program to solved it, but brute algorithm (although it’s correct) can make your computer suffers ^-^. The second puzzle is quite simple. A little bit of programming will help. As for the third puzzle, you just need to be diligent. That’s all.

There is a prize for the first entrants to submit correct answers to each question. But as I’m living in a whole different time zone, my chances are close to nothing :p. I just do it for fun :).

~another reason to procrastinate from work :D?


Turnout the last puzzle is too much for me. Well, I’m too lazy  to find the correct algorithm. Even if I could find it, I have to find a way to do the calculations without torturing my computer. Sadly, I gave up on this. It isn’t fun anymore :p.