This is a song from Pale Cocoon, a short post-apocalyptic OVA anime about recovering history. The story is not that interesing, even though the arts are amazing. But, what caught my attention is the poetic song in it. Here is the translation of the lyric:

The morning the forest slept.
The smoke contrailing in the sky.
Intersects with the horizon,-
-forming a silver cross.

The morning the sea slept.
The moon’s waiting came to an end.
The cradle which waxes and wanes,-
-revealed itself as prayer’s substitute.

That is the last angel.
That is the vestigial horn.
The pale cocoon which cannot hatch,-
-even if we lost our smile.

The morning the planet slept.
Only the sky, the cloudy sky.
During the era in which God was present.
Wet strawberries glittered in gardens.
We promise someday to meet again.
We will not forget you.